12 Tips to Get Your Business Out of a Rut

Get Your Business Out of a RutDo you feel like your business is stuck in a rut, stagnant, or just not growing the way you want. Here are 12 areas that you must focus to get your business out of a rut and moving on an upward trend.

  1. Know what you want personally before you get started (personal goals).
  2. Make sure your business vision is tied directly to your personal goal (passion motivates).
  3. Know the difference between and learn how to think strategically and execute tactically.
  4. Know your strengths and weaknesses both personal and professional. Apply your strengths to your business and get help to improve your weaknesses.
  5. Learn how to ask for help and delegate.
  6. Build a management team to assist you in growing your business including advisors in financial, tax, legal, and management where you have weaknesses. Nobody ever grew a business alone!
  7. Know your “exist strategy” before you start and build your business plan based on it.
  8. Know your current business capabilities before developing a business plan to realize your vision.
  9. Understand the small business growth stages, what stage your business is in, and key objectives which you must focus on based on your stage. Steps cannot be skipped.
  10. Avoid “shiny object syndrome.” Focus your business model so you don’t take on more than the resource you have available for your currently stage of growth.
  11. Know who your customers are and speak to them in their language, not yours.
  12. Build systems every step of the way so your business can easily scale as you grow it.

You can find more information on any of these 12 things at yoursmallbusinessgrowth.com.
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