Social media. Your Best Response is to Listen Closely

Social Media Listening

Social Media has become the way to stay visible, but are you being heard, or just following the herd?

Ineffective communication is the easiest way for businesses to loose leads, clients and ultimately translates into loss of revenue. So how can you keep your leads, build leads and keep clients?

  1. Listen
  2. Connect with relevancy
  3. Provide

social media listeningHow do you show your fans on Facebook and Twitter that you are listening to them?

You must connect with people on different subjects that they post. This is a relationship not a one-night stand so watch what you post! Remember, it takes time to build your reputation and only an instance to burn it down.
Whether you are making a sale today or not it is important to start building your relationship today. Anyone can give an empty opinion, but not just anyone gives a reasonable solution. Remember every connection you make opens up your network to that person’s friends and follower, everyone on their network will now be able to see the connection you just made.

Provide, supply, present or give back to loyal followers. Whether you think about it or not your posts make an impression in peoples lives. So once the relationship is built it is time to reward. For instance NASA is inviting 50 of their social media followers to their next launch! Of course many businesses cannot afford this prestige, but remember it’s the little things in life that count, don’t forget to keep that personal touch.

Post and be Heard

Challenge your ability to fine tune into peoples posts and show them that you are listening by connecting on the same level. Think of posts as seeds, water them and watch your network sprout.

So, are you being heard, or just following the herd?

Tell us how you are staying relevant with your community in the comment field below.

We’re listening.