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Google Tag Manager – Professional Setup and Management

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager replaces hard-coded tags used for marketing. Many analytics tools, such as web analytics, interaction analytics, and performance analytics, are deployed and managed via tags.

Instead of adding java-script for each of these tools to collect this digital data, Google Tag Manager makes it easier to add tags and tracking code to your website. Think of it as a bucket that holds all of your tags in one easy to manage place.

Benefits of Google Tag Manager:

  • Ease of Use – Set up professionally, Google Tag Manage makes it easier to add or update tags like conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, event tracking, and more with just a few clicks.
  • Reliability – The Google Tag Manager powerful debugging tool will indicate whether your tags work and if you are saving the right data at the right time.
  • Speed – With Google Tag Manager, your tags load rapidly helping the speed of your website (an important signal for Google’s search algorithm and your Google search engine rankings).

Why Hire Us to Setup Your Google Tag Manager?

Our Search Engine Marketing team are professional Google Tag Management experts.

We use Google Tag Manager to set up and manage all the tracking on client websites, allowing for collection of data for specific events or actions that users take on your website. Our Tampa Google Tag Manager team are experts in setting up:

  • Data layers
  • Triggers
  • Variables

We have Google Tag Manager experience in categories such as education, employment, retail, travel and leisure, beauty and fashion, personal services, professional services and others.

Let’s Setup Google Tag Manager for Your Website

Google Tag Manager setup is customized to your business goals and needs. Pricing will vary depending on many events and actions you want to track, and what analytics tools you are incorporating. Not sure what events and actions you should be tracking? We can help you identify what to track, and when.

Ready to start improving your data collection? Let’s talk. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Free Tag Manager Consultation

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