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Content Strategy Development.

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Why Content Strategy Development Matters

Is a content strategy necessary?

This is a question posed by many B2B and B2C marketers. Recent research* conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, Marketing Profs and Brightcove signifies a resounding yes.

Impact of a Content Marketing Strategy

When looking at organizations that have a content strategy vs those that do not, clear trends show the importance of having a strategy, especially a documented strategy that is closely followed (See sidebar to get the full report).

  • 60-65% of organizations with a documented content strategy say it is content marketing is effective
  • 32% with a verbal strategy say content marketing is effective
  • 7% who have no strategy say content marketing is effective

Clearly, having a documented content strategy is vital to successful content marketing

Content Strategy Development Process

Developing a successful content marketing strategy is a process.

Our process begins with understanding your overall business goals, and an assessment of how existing marketing efforts are supporting those goals.

Integrated Digital Marketing Process

Creating your integrated content marketing strategy begins with understanding your buyers. Who they are, their role in the company, their day to day job functions, professional priorities, what keeps them up at night, and more need to be considered. Armed with this information, we create buyer personas representing your best prospects and how they are expected to make their buyer journey to purchase products and services in your industry. This allows us to define what content needs to be created, or curated to answer their questions and meet their needs at each stage of the buyer cycle (awareness, consideration, decision making and yes, referrals).

Our content strategists and content team then create useful, relevant content offers that prospects will find valuable enough to give up their content information in return for access to this and future information, thus creating a targeted lead interested in your businesses products or services. A strategic campaign includes email nurturing of these leads to further develop your relationship and move the lead from awareness to consideration and ultimately to convert them to a customer. Customers are then engaged long term to delight theme with useful, relevant information and opportunities with the goal to create a promoter of your business.

How Do You Create Enough High Quality Content?

Creating useful, relevant content on a consistent basis is essential to the success of a content marketing plan. Learn more about creating content and our content creation support here.

In addition to creating content for your organization, curating content from trusted, reliable and influential resources is an important component in an organization’s content strategy. Learn more about curating content and our content curation support here

Do you have a content strategy? Do you need help to produce consistent content? We can help. Talk to us about how.

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* Content Marketing 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends – North America

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