Facebook Pages We Like & Why You Need One

Social Media Attitudes and Outlooks surveyFacebook pages have become the overwhelming number one social media choice for small business. According to a Constant Contact Study (Spring 2011), 95% of Small Business use Facebook as part of their marketing strategy and 82% find it effective. With a custom designed, properly branded Facebook Page and a solid strategy your business can reap powerful benefits from engaging with your customers. With that in mind, we’ve decided to share Facebook pages that we like that represent good examples of how you can make Facebook effective for your business.

Facebook Pages That We Like Series

The first Facebook page in our series is Salsa Jeans. Salsa was born in 1994, in Portugal. Today, the brand is sold in more than 35 countries, and continues to grow. The brands mission is “To be your second skin, giving you the strength to reinvent yourself anytime you like! We think their Facebook Page strategy is smart, well focused, beautifully designed and fits the brand mission / promise.

Why We Like Salsa Jeans Facebook Page:

From the FEEL GIGANTIC banner to the “Feel On Top Of The World By Wearing Salsa” default landing page, prospective fans instantly understand what they will get if the LIKE the page. The additional pages effectively drive f-commerce, emotional branding, fashion “in the know” sensibility, and access to Salsa jean’s full slate of social media engagement opportunities all under the Happy New You theme. Status updates are well balanced between engagement lifestyle focused question status updates, to sneak peaks into the 2011 Lookbook, and responding to fan inquiries and comments.

Salsa Jeans Welcome Landing Page: First time visitors to Salsa Jeans immediately get a sense of the “second skin” brand promise in the models’ jean fit, and the emotional branding of “Feel On Top Of the World” really works in conjunction with the FEEL GIGANTIC banner. Salsa does a great job of explaining what fans will get if the LIKE the page, and gives the a number of reasons why they will want to come back.

Facebook pages we like | Salsa-Jeans  Facebook pages we like | Salsa-Jeans-Become-A-Fan-Page

Salsa Jeans Other Landing Pages:

Salsa clearly expects their Facebook Page to drive f-commerce. The ONLINE STORE landing page with its FREE SHIPPING call to action is designed to do just that, while effectively tying into the Happy New You theme. Facebook pages we like | Salsa-Jeans-Online-Store-page-link Reasons to Come Back

In keeping with Salsa’s promise that fans will get the latest news and be the first to see new products and collections, the JEANS OF THE WEEK landing page is designed to feature product using models exemplifying the “Second skin” look of the jean fit and designer drawings of key features of the jeans. Facebook pages we like | Salsa-Jeans-of-the-week

Video Component of the Strategy Understanding the video is the most powerful tool in building emotional branding, Salsa has created a “Salsa Life” video that speaks directly to fashion world insider lifestyles. Happy New You never looked better than being a part of this “Salsa Life.” Facebook pages we like | Salsa-Video-Life-Campaign-

Twitter as part of the strategy As part of their fully engaged social strategy,@ SalsaJeansnews tweets from are shared on a Tweets landing page providing fans with another connection point to each other and Salsa Jeans. Facebook pages we like | Salsa-Tweets

Conclusion We think Salsa Jeans has done a very good job of delivering on their brand promise with their Facebook Page. The default landing page does a very good job of explaining why visitors should LIKE the page, and the design elements pack a powerful emotional appeal. The additional pages are well defined and fit the clear f-commerce and branding strategy.

What do you think about Salsa Jeans Facebook Page?

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